Special Sauce 5g

Special Sauce 5g

Aroma: The nose gives off a special mix of berries, vanilla, and gas.


Bud Structure: Oregon CBD genetics flagship line and our perennial favorite. Special Sauce is known for high CBD and resin content. The flower is ideal for personal use, with small to medium dense frosty buds, and is machine trimmed three times and hand finished.


Feelings: Mellowing, sleep aid, relaxing, and a nice overall calming experience


Cannabinoid Profile:17% CBD | 0.58% THC| < Delta 9 | 1% CBC


COA's available upon request.


Accolades: 2020 Golden Grow Awards: 2nd place "Judge's Favorite" & 3rd Place "People's Choice"; 2020 Cultivar Classic Silver Medal in “Hemp”


Parentage: Oregon CBD - (Special Sauce x ERB) Indica Hybrid